Foundation Education for India in Short

Goals we aim to achieve

-To provide all children who have received a basic education through our partner organisiations with the chance to further educate themselves in the field of their own choice.
- To offer quality education to as many children in Tamil Nadu as possible.
- To assist our partner organisations in improving their current projects.
- We offer controlled financial support only to ensure the projects are carried fully by the Indian society. All products and materials are bought locally, supporting the local economy.

What have we achieved so far?

At the present our foundation is supporting over 50 students to finish higher education. Many of them used to stay in the Hallelujah Children Home in Madurai of our partner organisation Sevai Society. Others are from the poor rural village Sindalacherry, where Sevai Society runs a trainings centre. Apart from higher education, we also finance secondary education for  children from the Mary Matha School near Trichy, which is also run by our partner organisation. In 2011 and  2012 the first two batches did their 12th standard final exams. These students are now enrolled in higher education as well through our educational assistance project.

In 2009 we financed school benches, microscopes and computers for a school from our partner organisation and in 2011 we were able to buy a water purifier and more school benches for the fast growing Mary Matha School.

Mary Matha School, Trichy, augustus 2008

Our motivation

Children that have only finished primary education often end up in hopeless situations, doing illegal work or being unemployed. We wish to break through the circle of poverty and give these children a chance to a better life, by providing them with study finance. We are not able to nor do we wish to transform and modernise the Indian society. We respect its values linked to culture, tradition and religion. We believe in the power of individuals who can make a difference. By providing education, we want to help them achieve this. 

With whom are we doing this?

We cooperate with Sevai Society. This is an Indian aid organization, that has been running several projects in Tamil Nadu since 1996. Sevai Society is a small, financially transparent organization. Every euro is spent on the children.


India (kaart van CIA World Factbook)

What you can do

Foundation education for India has an ANBI-status. This means that if you pay taxes in the Netherlands you can deduct gifts to the foundation from your taxable income. (our fiscal number: 818323942)

You can make a donation on account number: 1359 43 299 under the name of Stichting Onderwijs voor India.

Account number including IBAN (for donations made abroad): NL93 RABO 0135 9432 99 with BIC: RABONL2U

If you want you can make your donation under the following tags:
- Project Educational Assistance
- Project support for education projects Sevai Society

Do you need to know more about these projects? Go to Work in progress

If you do not want to make a donation, there are still other things you can do to help us. For example you can make use of your social network and like us, our share our page on facebook.
You might be a member of a sportclub, through which you can organise a sponsor activity. We would off course be willing to help you set this up. You could also participate in a sports event like a marathon and let your friends and family support you.
The board of Foundation Education for India is thanking you in advance for every kind of contribution to our fund.

Nelle Kooren, voorzitter
Marije van Lent, secretaris
Kees Kooren, penningmeester
Rosaline Mouget, (i)Algemeen bestuurslid

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