Work in progress

Support to education projects of Sevai Society

Our partnerorganisation Sevai Society is facing difficulties in the maintenance and extension of their projects. We want to support them financially in so that they will still be able to provide help to children tomorrow. Sevai Society is running projects in the city of Madurai, near the city Trichy (Tiruchipally) and in the district Theni, west of Madurai.


In Madurai, Sevai Society is running the Hallelujah Children Home and Xavier Matriculation School. The children home an the school are on the same property and the children from the children home follow primary and secondary education at Xavier Matriculation School. The children home was set up for girls, whose parents cannot afford education. The income of the parents or caretakers is insufficient to provide a healthy nutrition for the children. Some of the girls are orphans or have only one parent left. In the children home, the girls enjoy three meals a day and they are sleeping on mats. During school holidays, the children visit their parents or caretakers (often aunts and uncles or grandparents). They are visited by their families once a month. The families of the children take care of clothing, toileteries, stationaries and medical care. The expenses for maintenance of the children are high and hard to get funds for. We would like to support Sevai Society in this. In the children home live between 70 and 80 girls between 3 and 18 years old. 3 meals together cost approximately one euro. Furthermore, the childrenhome has very little staff. Three adults are taking care of 80 girls, it would be great if the children could get a little more attention. At Xavier Matriculation School the girls can follow education up to 12th standard. The school also provides education to poor children in the neighboorhood for a small amount of money or for free, dependent on the economic situation of the child. Starting from 5th standard, classes are given in English. The school has a good name and has a succes rate of 100% in government exams.


In a rural area near the city of Trichy, Sevai Society is running a school. The school provides free education to children in the area, but is still facing a lot of difficulties. At this moment, there the school has no waterpurifying system and the water the children are drinking is unclean and causes deseases. The school urgently needs a waterpurifying system. A lot of children have to walk to school. They live up to six or eight kilometers away from the school. In rural areas like this, a lot of parents are still not convinved of the importance of education. To a lot of parents having their children go to school is an economic trade-off decision. For these reasons the school is in need of a schoolbus. This makes it easier and much safer for children, who are already going to school and can give an extra incentive for parents to make their children go to school. At this moment the school is providing education to around 300 children up to 10th standard. Eventually it is the aim of the school to provide education up to 12th standard. In June 2011 a children home will be opened next to the school. With the start of a new home, more money is needed for maintenanceof the children and for staff in the children home. Since a lot of students suffer from malnutrition, the school aims to provide a midday meal to its students. This will also increase the expenses by a high amount. As long as there are not enough funds, this foodproject cannot be started.